In this section you will find information that will help you while coloperating with us.

General information

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Rules and measures

To facilitate the process of your project management TunisDesign has implemented some basic rules and basic measures.


All the quotes we provide you with are valid for only 30 days. After this period elapses, the provided prices in the quote become obsolete.


All Prices quoted on this site page are without VAT (HT). Our prices are in Tunisian Dinars (TND).

Deposit / Cash advance

We require payment equivalent to 30% of the total amount of the project after signing a contract to create your website. This money is refundable.


Before we begin the process of design or development of your site we need the whole content to put on the website, brochures or others including graphics and text. This will ensure the completion of your project in the shortest delays. It is the same for the project plan (Worksheet customers) available in Word or Zip file. All content that you provide us including text, graphics, photos etc.. should be submitted (fichiers.doc. txt or. pdf for text and. jpg,. gif,. png,. tiff,. psd or. have for graphics and photos) and can be sent by e-mail or provided on a CD with the project plan.

Updates and additional work

Any additional work requested to be done for your website or project design or printing and you are applying after the initial quote was received and accepted, including additional pages, additional text, photos or additional graphics, updates, will incur additional costs. A new separate quotation will be sent to inform you of the cost of these additional services.

Private information

Your information will not be disclosed to any third party. The information we collect from you will serve to contact you or to let advance your project. Discover our services and contact us for a free estimate or for other questions. WE remain always at your disposal.